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Frequently Asked Questions

Is ShoutCast V2 supported on iPlayRadio ?

We fully support Shoutcast V2 on our servers. There was a small issue related
to mp3 licensing encoding in the past but now this deprecated. As we don't have any license key
we are forced to offer a solution using LiquidSoap encoding software which of course offers some
additional features similar to IceCast but the main key feature is that your radio station can
broadcast in mp3 encoding without the need for a license key.

A small minor issue that we want you to know is that Liquidsoap doesn't support fully
V2-source connections and its limited to V1-source connections but that doesn't affect
at all the output to be fully V2 Shoutcast audio.

Is ShoutCast V1 supported on iPlayRadio ?
We still offer broadcasting in Shoutcast V1 on our servers but the software itself is deprecated
and there is no longer active development and so for that reason we as well no longer offer support
for this platform. You can always select Shoutcast v1 when you purchase a broadcasting plan but
support will be very limited.

Is IceCast V2+ supported on iPlayRadio ?
And of course at last but not least, Icecast is always supported on our servers. Its a very stable
and robust streaming platform which gets updates on a regular basis just like Shoutcast V2.

What are the basic differences between Shoutcast v2 and Icecast ?
There is actually one very big difference between Shoutcast V2 and Icecast. And that is the way
that autodj VS live broadcasting is being handled by the platform accordingly.
On Shoutcast V2 when autodj is active and playing, and a DJ wants to connect and broadcast live
the autodj automatically stops after couple of seconds time and allows the live broadcast to get active.
So essentially there is a noticable small delay towards the listeners.

On Icecast when autodj is active and playing, and a DJ wants to connect and broadcast live
the autodj doesn't stop BUT the live broadcast connection goes on top of the autodj and allowing
in realtime the broadcast to be heard on the player while autodj is still playing but in the background.
That is achieved using mount points. And these mounts points are handled in a very clever way in order to make this possible.

Another difference between the two streaming platforms is the radio directory auto-submission and
as well the popularity of each invidivually. is the main radio directory which also
is now linked with Radionomy, and are very popular bothm, and can grow a listener audience quite well.
On the other hand the radio directory of Icecast is not so popular and thus cannot help much in growing a listener audience.

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